Tatting with Mary Konior

I was the first stop for the Mary's Travelling book, Tatting in Lace by Mary Konior.   I was given one month to enjoy the book.

I managed to tat a few patterns from the book and it was also an opportunity to learn a few techniques and understand Mary Konior's design style.  I must say the more I look through her books, the more I am inspired by her designs.

First I made this Convolvulus design.  I received a bookmark in this design some time back and have always wanted to tat the design.
Then I made the Angelica Snowflake.  I noticed that most of MK's design are one-shuttle patterns .  I have always had issues with bare thread tatting in shuttle-only patterns and this is a good exercise for me.

Next comes a few challenges that I set for myself. I also noticed that a common feature in MK's books is what she termed as 'composite' designs.  They are designs that are made up of fragments or tatting joined together. My challenges was to find a way of making these composite designs in one pass, and here are my attempts.  There are split rings and mock rings involved in these.
Corner Spray
Finally, this is a bookmark that I adapted from an edging pattern from the book, the Hedgerow

I also attempted the roll tatting, using patterns from MK's book, which I wrote about here and here.
I hope the next person in the list is enjoying the book as much as I had.


  1. so lovely tatting,I like Mary Konior's designs very much

  2. I love Mary Konior's patterns.
    But the bookmark is very, very beautiful. I love the colors to.

  3. santek... :) always love your work....

  4. Beautiful tatting, its a lovely book, which I have and enjoy doing a lot of the patterns, I have just done the exchange bookmark from the book. Enjoy the book.

  5. I love what you've done with Mary's designs! I also have problems with bare threads. I want to turn them all into chains, but that doesn't work very well for me. I think I'll look at my copy of the book again this weekend. Thanks for the reminder of what lovely patterns are in Tatting in Lace!

  6. Woooow! Fantastic works!

  7. What fun! Jon, your tatting is absolutely wonderul! j.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing the things you found most inspiring from the book. Your comments are helpful.

  9. Awesome looking projects! :)

  10. I just received one of Mary Konior's books and I am enjoying the designs very much. I love the designs you've chosen to tat.

  11. I have one of her books and havn't been impressed at all with the designs. Yet these look fun in the bright colors. Maybe I should give it a second chance before religating it to the back of the bookshelf.

  12. Wonderful renditions of MK's designs! So very lovely - all of them!
    Fox : )

  13. Beautiful work. I just bought one of her books and look forward to trying some of the patterns. Won't look like yours though lol Gill theshoogliebrush.com

  14. Querida JON!!! Qué placer encontrarte y ver tus trabajos tan hermosos y los colores que eliges! Sueño que algún día lleguen esas Revistas o Libros de Frivolité a mi País: Argentina.Sólo puedo trabajar con fotocopias ... Con cariño:Pilar.


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