Tatting for the Wedding

Here are some pictures with a bit of tatting in them that I made for the wedding this weekend.

I have shown these cups before and finally, here is how they are going to be used. This tray will hold the wedding ring and the cups will be filled with scented finely sliced pandanus leaves with flower petals. The tatting is in the 'cup-huggers'.

The wedding ring is in the silver box.
Close up of the silver box
Tatted daisies with beads in the centre ...
....  made into small pins to be worn by ushers on the day.
There will be bridal gift trays exchanged between the families of the bride with the groom during the solemnisation ceremony.  It is customary to decorate the tray and the gifts before making the exchange.   Wedding gifts decoration is big business here.  That service can be obtained through specialised wedding centres or individuals who offer such work, for a fee. For this wedding, the family decided to do it ourselves.  Thankfully, there are some creative people in the family and so we pool our resources.

Here are a couple that we have made.

There will be nine trays in all.  I'll try and take pictures of each one and share here later.


  1. It is all so very pretty!
    Fox : )

  2. Extraordinary. They are so beautiful .........
    Always amazes me with what you work.

  3. Wow that's all so beautiful! (:

  4. I just love the color theme. Wishing all the very best for the wedding this weekend.

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding! I look forward to seeing more pictures!

  6. Wonderful Jon, may the day turn out as special as anticipated. blessings on the happy couple.

  7. This is so beautiful. The usher pins are so lovely!

    What will the bride and groom do with these gorgeous things when the wedding is over? Are they traditionally displayed?

    I can't get over those cups- wow!

  8. Everything is beautiful! I love the tatted daisies with beads!!! :)

  9. Lovely tatting on the cups, and for the ushers. How nice to add that personal touch to the wedding!

  10. All gorgeous! I especially love the cup huggers - so very pretty!

  11. I can't imagine that you could have found professionals who would come up with anything more wonderful than what your family is doing. It is all so beautiful!

  12. Just amazing looking :D I hope I´ll one day learn to be as good as you, I just love your works!!!

  13. Daisies I like the most! :)

  14. Absolutely gorgeous
    Joy in OZ


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