4 May 2011

Rolling a Stumpy

My earlier post on roll tatting brought some comments asking what roll tatting is. I'll try and explain here through some pictures.

Roll Tatting is so called because the thread are not knotted but rolled over the core thread. 
Rolled instead of knotted
An explanation of how the shuttle is moved to get the roll effect on the core thread can be seen through these two links, JaneE's explanation and Karen Cabrera's video. What is important to remember is that there is still the flip because you need to transfer the roll from the shuttle thread to the finger thread.

I find it easier to make the roll stitches in groups of not more than 10 rolls at a time.  After each group of 10, I gently push the rolls, after it has been transferred to the finger thread, to stack it close together, like so ..
Double-stitches before the join, roll stitches after it
You need to keep the pinch on this stack of rolled stitches because they can easily un-roll since they are not knotted as the standard double-stitches are.

The pattern that I am working on when I took the photos above is the Stumpy bookmark by Kersti Anear. I was looking for easy patterns to practice my new-found ability and felt that it would be a good one because there are no decorative picots in the design.
Rolled Stumpy (minus the tassels)
The roll tatting parts are on the outer side of the rings.  I substituted one double-stitch with two roll stitches, but looking at the finished Stumpy, maybe it should have been more.  Here is a close-up picture.


  1. I was planning to practice this method when I saw your last post, as I have not done it in a while. I thought I'd haul out the old Lupins pattern again, but didn't know if I could face it yet again!

    This Stumpy pattern is a brilliant choice! Your photo shows how well it adapts to the roll tatting that you have obviously mastered.

    As soon as I am finished with the current tat, I am going to roll tat Stumpy (sound mildly obscene!) Thanks for the last two inspiring posts!
    Fox : )

  2. You are welcome Fox. If you tat the Stumpy, I suggest you increase the number of rolls in the middle ring of the middle clovers. My Stumpy is cupping a bit. I think making the middle rings slightly bigger will flatten it out.

  3. Hmmm! I'm intrigued. I have to admit I don't think I have ever encountered this before. I'll have to study it a bit closer before I have a go. Thanks Jon...This is a great technique to share with the guild.


  4. I have heard of roll tatting but never tried it, thank you for writing such a lovely piece about it. I will have to try it one day.

  5. Ah - now i see. I saw the outer rings were a bit different but could not tell what is the different. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have done the rolled stitch before, but in the Easter Eggs book I had to wind it 24 times which was more than I had ever done before, but it worked out great. Your knew book looks like it has a lot of very nice patterns in it...


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