Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Something Fishy in the Mailbox

I am glad I joined the special Online Tatting class on International Tatting Day two weeks ago.  There was no lessons on that day, you can't really tat and eat chocolates at the same time, really.   Instead, Georgia had a few games and challenges going.  One of the prizes for the challenges was sponsored by Isdihara, and I won it! he he he ...  These are what I received form her,

Chocolate fish, a blinged shuttle, a card and a piece of tatting
Closer picture - even the card has chocolate fishes on it.
Yes, a chocolate fish!  It didn't quite last the long trip, from a temperate climate to the tropics, cause it melted some when it arrived.  I had thought that Isdihara was going to send me a fish shuttle, not the fish chocolate, LOL.  Otherwise I would have mentioned about the warm temperatures here.

I have read so many posts about the blinged shuttles, in so many blogs and now I have one of my own, woo hoo.... Thank you Isdihara, for everything in the package. Melted or not, the chocolate is quite tasty - my favorite kind with cripsy crunch candy in it.


  1. What a lovely surprise, fishy chocolate and a lovely shuttle. congratulations on your win.

  2. What a great package! I especially like the shuttle!

  3. Hi, Jon!
    Lovely post, Had a giggle about the melted chocolate that was enjoyed all the same!
    Fox : )

  4. So glad your International Tatting Day prize arrived in (more or less) one piece.

    The thyme leaf is a remedy to protect your tatting thread(s) from a thread-eating virus that so far has cleverly evaded detection by the CDC. You never know when or where an outbreak may strike...


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