Wednesday, 20 April 2011

More Tatting Goodies .... he he he .....

I received my giveaway prize from Aileen.  She wrote about giving away "bombs" to celebrate her birthday in March.  These are what Aileen packed in her bomb.

As you can see, these are all very useful gift.  One can never get enough of thread and beads and shuttles.  As you can see I used the shuttle immediately to start on a new project. The Ez-bob will be for my one of my HDTs that are still in skeins, when I have a project for it.  The needle holder are, what else but to hold my needles.
Aileen packed the shuttle in the small black pouch, which I will do the same to stow my shuttle when I travel. The Merlion frodge magnet will go on the fridge.  It will join the many magnets on my fridge right now from the different places that I have been.

Now, that rubber thimble (or it could be plastic,?), this one I am not sure.  It fits nicely over my pinky so it may be to protect it when I wound thread over the pinky when making chains, like this:
But, I don't wind the thread over my pinky when I make chains, so it doesn't look like that is how I will use the thimble. Or, over my middle finger when making rings, like this,
Surprisingly, the thread slides very well over the thimble, so this will be the best way to use it. It will certainly prevent  the thread from cutting into the finger, especially when working with fine thread. Except that, now I may need to find another one because, for chains I use my fore-finger to control the thread. Hmm ....

Anyway, thank you Aileen for a wonderful package.


  1. Well done, what a lovely surprise I hope you enjoy your new gift.

  2. If you do not wrap the thread over your pinky and it looks as if it is not wrapped on the third finger, how do you keep it taut when you do chains? I am mystified!
    Fox : )

  3. If you don't use your pinky to anchor the thread for making chains, HOW do you anchor the thread?


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