1 Apr 2011

Libur di Bandung

I took a break from tatting and all the other stuff for a brief holiday in Bandung, Indonesia.  Despite the rain falling on most of the days while there, it was a thoroughly enjoyable trip.  Here are some pictures to share.

In front of one of the many shopping outlets that attracts visitors to Bandung
The hotel where we stayed
Bandung is located on a plateau, surrounded by hills and mountains
Kawah Putih is a lake in a volcanic crater with high sulphur content.
The yellow sulphur residue is visible along the edge of the water and it has that smell, too
Group photo before leaving Kawah Putih

A misty Situ Patengang or Lake Patengan
When the mist cleared, the clam waters of Situ Patengang reveals a beautiful sight of the hills beyond

Learning to play the angklung at Saung Angklung Udjo , an experience that should not be missed if you have the chance to visit.


  1. For me, we will be off to Langkawi on Sunday for a four-day stay there. This is a long delayed vacation but just the right timing after the last big curve-ball life threw to me.

  2. Sure looks as if you had a wonderful time!
    Fox : )

  3. Looks like you had fun! :-)

  4. Lovely pictures! It reminded me so much of Fraser's Hill, where I spent so many wonderful childhood holidays.

  5. Zarina, have a wonderful time in Langkawi.

    Fox, Journey, I did have a great time though we had to skip some places because of the rain.

    Maureen, it was more like the Cameron highlands because there are tea plantation along the way to Kawah Putih. The tea trees are like green carpets covering the hillslopes. Lovely scenic picture if you can imagine it. And there are strawberries too.

  6. Jon, it is really delightful to see other parts of the world through the eyes of our tatting friends! I'm so glad that tatting is bringing so many together :-) Thank you for sharing with us!

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful time


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