Friday, 4 February 2011

This thing called Tatting

  1. Instead of asking you to get help, you will received applause, pats on the back and hearty welcome greetings when you admit to be an addict!
  2. You openly admit to making a mistake people think you are creative!
  3. You actually enjoy unpicking your stitches! well ... at least some do
  4. There is never a wrong choice! You can do up/down, front/back, reverse order, count/don't count the join, needle/shuttle and you still get to where you want to go.
  5. There is only one stitch to learn, but oh boy, imagine what you can do with it!
  6. It is the only thread craft that can't be duplicated by machine (?)  ... at least, I have not seen any.  There are machine embroidery that is made to look like tatting but it certainly does not show that actual doublestitches that identifies tatting!
  7. You enjoy that feeling you get when people ask you what you are doing and seeing the look on their faces when you say that its tatting.  Admit it ... you do!
  8. You can survive with only three brain cells. (just had to add this after reading Jane's comments)
 *enough rambling - break over, back to tatting, LOL


  1. Blimey, that sounds like me talking!!!! Ah, I know what's happened. YOU'VE stolen my brain cell # 3? I'm calling in the tat police RIGHT NOW!!!!
    Brilliant summary. I thoroughly endorse it but PLEASE send # 3 back asap.

  2. Best explanation I've ever seen!

  3. Yes, I consider myself a tatter. I’ve tatted since the mid nineties (not sure what year I began really). I wanted to participate in your question...but could not figure out HOW. duh oh....
    xxx bj

  4. That is SO ME!!!

    Hello, my name is Lily and I'm a tatting addict!

    *holds her head up proudly

    well maybe I don't care too much for unpicking stitches...

  5. Cool. Love #3. Spent an hour and a half doing just that so it would be 'just right '.

  6. I do!

    Signed, a tatting addict from Illinois
    aka Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane

  7. No truer words have been written!!

  8. I have added another point after reading Jane's comments. BTW Jane, I am keeping #3 for a while to force it into revealing what the TIAS is, he he he ....

  9. So, does this mean that the kidnapping will end after Monday and he'll be returned?!?!? I'm bereft, bothered and bewildered without him!!!!!!

  10. This is the best words ever written, I often get what is that, or is it crochet, No I say quitely but wanting to shout out its tatting. I did with my hands not a b......machine. I was asked that at a christmas fair, "What type of machine made that", my side screamed I tried to try her its tatting, getting out a shuttle. I have hands not a machine. I dont blame you for keeping #3 for a while until we find out what the Tias is.

  11. Yes, I DO love the look on people's faces when I say "it's tatting"!!!
    You have written great words of wisdom, Jon!


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