Thursday, 27 January 2011

Vintage or just plain Old

I had a three-some tatting session with Zarina and Diyanna last Saturday. As usual, we chat a lot and tat a bit.  Zarina worked on a Rita Weiss doily which you can see in her blog from the link.  Diyanna wanted to be refreshed on how to add the tiny motif in the centre of a ring as in my Tatting With Rings patterns.  I was working on my snowflakes models.  Nobody remembered to take any photos so I don't have anything to show on what we tat.

During the meeting, I got off Diyanna a couple of early tatting booklets.  One is a DMC publication published in 1965 and the other is a J & P Coats Book #469 published in 1962.

Inside the Coats booklet is a leaflet with a pattern for tatted doily or trolley cloth published in 1967.
I seems to have an incline for old tatting patterns lately.  Late last year, I had a swap with PattyD for a workbasket magazine.  Patty was asking for threads and I was attracted by the issue date of the magazine.

Here it is enlarged so you can see it better,
Imagine that, this workbasket magazine is as old as I am, up to the month!  Well, I almost did not get it because someone has asked for it before me.  But, after I pleaded my case, she agreed to let it go for me.  Thank you, Soyquelesoy.  Tatters make the "bestest" of friends, he he he...

I checked the definition of 'vintage' in the Oxford online Dictionary and this is what I found,
Vintage - denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind
Hmm .... I wonder ... I guess at this time I am plain 'old' and will never be of vintage category.


  1. Its lovely to see the old patterns, thank you for sharing them, You don't say how much they were, a lot cheaper than they would be today no doubt.

  2. Margaret, I don't know if they are cheaper or not, but they cost me just under USD3.00 for all three.

  3. I can't get enough of old patterns be they sewing, knitting or lacemaking. I finally tatted last night and even managed some picots! How do you make small rings if working with a shuttle?

  4. Jon, while I think of Vintage as being old (older then me, as I am older then you) and one of a kind. I would say that you do qualify as Vintage, because you are one of a kind and you do represent the best of our kind

  5. Jon, you are certainly not vintage, because you are not yet old! In many, many years, you will be the finest vintage quality, 'harta pusaka' :)

    I'm disappointed that I missed the fun last Saturday. I schemed and plotted and contemplated bribery to get some baby sitting, but in the end, could not make it work out. Sigh, hopefully next time.

  6. Jon, I also collect and treasure old needlework books - there is something very special about them as they come from a time when needlework was more respected by the general community and considered an essential part of everyday life.
    As for the definition of 'vintage', in antique terms I think it is anything over 50 years old, so perhaps you will have to wait some time before you qualify!


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