Friday, 7 January 2011

Poll - Are you a Tatter?

A little bit of fun ......

I am interested in finding out the profile of readers that come over to my blog. I have created a simple poll for this and it is in the sidebar on the right.

Please leave your mark in the poll by clicking the button that closest describes you.
I appreciate your participation. Thank you.

p.s. I had not showed any pieces of tatting in my last few posts. I have been tatting but I am not ready to show any yet. They will come soon, :)


  1. Hi Jon, it looks like so far most of us are tatters! I have been tatting some of your patterns from the Snowflakes Collection and will have them up on my blog soon - the first couple are already there. I will let you know when there are more to see.

  2. Hi,

    It would be interesting to see how your poll works out, This year I will have been tatting for 40 years, although at times I left it to do other things I am back to it in a big way, I hope you publish the results to your poll in due course.

  3. I love tatting and I love your blog. You are very creative.
    I've tatted for many years for passion.

  4. I feel I must add that I'm a needle tatter. I don't know how to shuttle tat yet. I'll learn soon though. :-)

  5. Hi Bev, thank you for posting. I was over at your blog and really like the shuttle-shaped key fob

    Margaret, I will certainly share the results of the poll. Your card designs are amazing. If only I have some of your skill so that I can tatting to the cards.

    Carla, I have been following your blog too. I like the tree that you made with the rings.

    Lesley, thank you posting.
    I prefer the shuttle, but I don't differentiate tatting with needle or shuttle. To me the result is tatting all the same and are still pretty.

  6. I look forward to your pictures + posts -- always an inspiration

  7. Hi Jon..I read your blog and I like your creativity. I have posted a comment on your blog before. I wanted to start my tatting again after a lapse of *** years. Each time when I started to tat, my left index finger will swell and it's painful ...I don't know why.

  8. Thank for commenting Lelia, Angeline.

    Angeline, I can't think of any reason why your finger swells up when you tat. I hope it not something permanent and that you will be happily tatting soon.

  9. I wonder if Angeline is putting too much pressure or tension on the finger with the thread...that could cause swelling. I appreciate you tutorials, they’ve been helpful to me in the past and although I don’t tat many snowflakes or butterflies, your patterns are lovely.

  10. Thank you BJ. I hope you and yours are well and warm.

  11. I took a class to learn how to tat with my mother before I was in High School now over 25 years later, I want to relearn this wonderful art. I currently crochet but there are many patterns that need the finer details of tatting!

    Thanks for this wonderful site!


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