Merriment Doily/Coaster

Here is my pattern for this year's holiday Tatting.

I chose the name Merriment because it is an easy and fun pattern to make.
The pattern is downloadable from this link, Merriment Doily/Coaster.

I tatted the model in size 30 thread and the finished size is 11.5cm across or 4.5 inches.
At first glance, it appears that two shuttles are required.  But, you can also do it with shuttle and ball. I wrote something about this in a much earlier post, here.

I started on another piece of this doily in two shades, solid and variegated, of size #40 thread.  The finished size is 10cm across or 4 inches.
Thread used are Lizbeth #40, 623 solid and 127 variegated



  1. Jon, this is so pretty! Thank you for sharing your pattern!

  2. Jon... that is a lovely piece! I will give it a go this evening!

  3. Jon,

    What a beauty this is!!! I got to do this one. Thanks for sharing another gorgeous pattern of yours.


  4. So pretty! I just might have to put down my knitting needles and load my shuttles for this one. Thank You!

  5. Those are really pretty! I've downloaded the pattern and will try it soon!

    Thanks Jon!!

  6. That is a lovely Doily and I love the colours!

  7. Thank you for another great pattern.

  8. This looks gorgeous and reads like something I could do! Thanks so much!!

  9. I am pretty new to tatting, and this pattern was my first 2-shuttle pattern. Thanks for sharing it! :)


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