Adding Bead in the Centre of a SSSR

Here is the tutorial for adding beads in the centre of a single-shuttle split ring.  But, before that some explanation ...  As I wrote in my first post regarding this, I was wondering if anyone has come up with a method of adding beads to a SSSR.  I have received some feedback to that question.

First, Nancy sent me a link to Nina Libin's site that contains an explanation of how to add beads in the middle of a series of rings.  If you click on "Symbols used in Patterns" you will get to download a document that contains the description of the method used by Ms Libin.  My understanding of it is that the beads have to be loaded on the shuttle thread before you start making the rings.  This is different from my method because I add the beads as I make the split rings.

At Gina's (the Tattinggoddess) suggestion, I wrote to Georgia Seitz to see if she has come across anything like what I had done.  Georgia sent me a link form the Online Tatting Class where the focus was adding beads to tatting.  Looking at the various methods shown there, I am convinced that none described the way that I do mine.

"Enough already .... just get on with it"  I can imagine someone screaming ...... LOL.
Here goes ....
Shuttle with thread, bead, hook and coil-less pin
Beside the usual tatting tools, you need to have a paper-clip or a coil-less pin.  The method of SSSR used here is the loop method (the link will bring up a video of how to make a SSSR in this method).  I have made the first SSSR without any bead, as shown in the picture.

Begin the second SSSR as normal, completing all the double stitches as required.  Do not close the ring.

Pull the lower part of the hand thread through the bead with your hook.  Hold this loop with a paper-clip or coil-less pin as I have used here.  At this point you can post the shuttle through the hand loop to get it out of the way.

Place the paper-clip/coil-less pin under the double-stitches on the same side as the shuttle thread.  Pull the lower side of the hand thread while at the same time sliding the bead so that it lie close to the last double-stitch made.  Hold the bead in position and close the ring.  I find that it is easier, when closing the ring, to pull only one side of the loop.  Don't forget to bring this loop under the first SSSR to anchor it when you close the second ring.  You may have to adjust the hand thread a few times if you find that the bead is sliding away from that last double stitch.

This is how it looks like on the reverse side of the ring after it is closed.

Remove the paper-clip/coil-less pin from the thread holding the bead and make a lock join to it to lock the bead in place.
There you have it, a bead in the middle of a single-shuttle split ring.


  1. That is a fascinating technique, Jon! Some day I will try it... promise!

  2. please please NEVER stop giving tutorials! they are always so helpful and clear with the pictures and the way you show how to do them, I have learned so much from you. Any time I get stuck on something, your blog is the one I come back to and look through the tutorials for help, you are truly a wealth of knowledge and an incredible teacher. If no one has thanked you lately, I Must Remember to do it More Often!

    Thank You Jon for you Time and Unselfish Ways. You are genuinely appreciated.


  3. wow. i am gong to try this today! thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial.

  4. ...still scratching my head in perplexing thoughts. I'll "get it" someday because I really want to learn this!!!!


  5. Well I think it seems rather easy. I will have to brush up on the SSSR though as I think that's where I'm getting confused in all this. LOL, leave it to me to complicate everything!

    Thanks for the tut,Jon!

  6. Diane, it is just another step after the SSSR technique. You would have no trouble with it.
    Thank you Bree
    You are welcome, Shannon
    Karrieann, I should have added the link explaining the SSSR earlier, together with this post. It is there now. Once you get the basic SSSR, you;ll have no trouble with adding the bead in the centre.
    Lily, it is easy but you do need to get past the basic SSSR.

  7. Too, too cool Jon! Thanks for another way to add beads!

  8. Having an 'AhHa' moment here. Thanks for sharing! Now I have a new thing for my bag of tatting techniques!

  9. Cool! Can't find another word for it, just cool :-)

  10. As expressed above, this is an excellent tutorial - as usual! Not only is your tatting exceptional, you have a great talent for writing and photographing instructions.

    Your SSSRs also look perfect. As I understand it, there's a double thread under the one half, but it sure isn't obvious! I appreciate the link to the video. I'm anxious to try this!

  11. I am in awe. Your mind is just incredible! Thank you so much for taking the time to teach this technique. Your pictures are the best - each is truly worth 1,000 words!

  12. Thank you for taking time to write an interesting piece, I willbe trying this as soon as I have time,



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