Same thread, different pattern

Bringing your attention to this blog post that I wrote in April this year.  It was about my reaction to a certain type of multi-coloured thread that was giving me (and a few others) a headache just looking at it.

The thread in question is Lizbeth Jewels #113.

I was looking at it again the past few days and decided on another attempt with it.  This time I was a little wiser and decided on a pattern with a simple layout.  I made a bookmark using a pattern that was published in Jane Eborall's blog.

The result is very much better than the one in the earlier blog post. 

You may notice some striking features in the finished bookmark -
I started the bookmark at the turquoise shade and manage to end also in turquoise.
The turquoise divides the bookmark into sections of plum and purple.
The plum and purple alternate with each other in each 'section'.

I did make a point to study the colour changes in the thread before deciding where to start, and the the overall effect turned out quite a surprise in a nice way.

This is also the first time that I used the single-shuttle split ring (SSSR) to hide my ends.    Using the SSSR, I tat over the tail of one thread for the first part of the SSSR.  The other end was hidden inside the second side of the SSSR as I close the ring.

I find it a neat way to finish off the ends and may be using it more often in the future.


  1. I had never thought to hide ends that way. What a great idea!

  2. Very interesting post. I'm going to have to try this too. Thanks for this insight into threads.

  3. It looks great! And I like how the colors ended up! :)

  4. Giusinella Italia anche io ho la passione per il chiacchierino io però faccio gioielli

  5. Salam Raya Jon, can you teach me how to tat please. Regards, Yuzz

  6. I have not been tatting much but most of the time I will use my own HDTs. Yes, some designs are not suited for HDT.

    I listed a new HDT in my online shop (soon Etsy) and last night tatted two rounds of a doily (can't remember the name). I am so please that the item is just nice - hoping to take photos but difficult when you are working full time.

  7. ...That is beautiful! I love how the colors come out!!!


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