5 Aug 2010

Two by Two

...  off to school we go.
A bookmark suitable for beginner tatters to practise using two shuttles.
Made in two rounds but only Round 1 requiring two shuttles.
Enlarged picture of the bookmark

This is the chart for the bookmark, 

Please contact me if you have any questions about the pattern.


  1. Hello, Jon...
    What a beautiful bookmark! I think I may be able to attempt this one...it's within my...abilities...maybe!
    You chose lovely colours and your tatting is most amazing! It's so even, and your sweet little picots are delightful.

    Thank you for your hard work...I will let you know how it goes!!

  2. I agree with Leanna... this is a beautiful bookmark, and the colors are so refreshing! Thank you for sharing another beautiful pattern!

  3. Lovely bookmark. The colors are beautiful and the tatting just perfect. Happy tatting...

  4. Hallo Jon,
    ich liebe Buchlesezeichen. Ein sehr schönes
    Lesezeichen hast du wieder entworfen.
    Die Farben sind wunderschön. Gefällt mir sehr

    Liebe Grüße Johanna

  5. Très joli travail et joli fil aussi. Il semble annoncer le printemps ce beau et gai marque-page. Bonne continuation and happy tatting

  6. Olá Jon!Que trabalho lindo!!!
    Há um ano eu aprendi a fazer esse trabalho,aqui no Brasil essa técnica se da o nome de frivolite.É um trabalho muito bonito e raro.Gostei do seu blog e vou te seguir.O meu blog é http://elilinhas.blogspot.com passa lá vou gostar de te receber.Eu vou passar a te acompanhar.

  7. Beautiful bookmark!!


  8. selam, i like to start with tatting. but ive no material so far. what shoult i buy to begin?

    in turkish girl, living in germany. nice to meet people from all over the world here on blogspot.

    wesselam eli

  9. I love your bookmarks. They are beautiful. But I can't get them to download in a readable form. Any suggestions. I have windows 8.
    Thank You

    1. Dear Tatting Friend,
      I had no problem opening the file and downloading it, but I am using Chrome as my browser. Please try again. If you still have problems, please e-mail me at jonyusoff @ gmail.com and I will e-mail you the file.

      Thank you.


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