Tatting Peek-a-Boo-Boo

or a case of gapsosis,
that snippet of thread the peeks out between rings or chains when you do the next element of the pattern, like these examples.

This is the method that I have been using to cure myself of the gapsosis.

I fold the previous element over before tatting the next part.

I don't rush when making the first double stitch of the next element.  When making the first half-stitch, I slide the flipped stitch slowly to the beginning, making sure that it is really close to the previous part.  Then I pinch this first half-stitch and make the second half stitch, again sliding it carefully to meet the first half-stitch.

Once the first double-stitch is secured, I then go ahead and make the other double stitches at my normal pace. An example of a cured gapsosis is seen at the base of this trefoil where the two chains meet.
Look Ma .... no gaps!


  1. Gapsosis? Must admit it's the first time I've heard it. I had to look it up! :) But I got gaposis. Somehow gapsosis is widely used too. Nevertheless a great tip!

  2. Nice tip, Jon. I will try this, as I usually pull that first part of the ds to the corner and pinch it and then do the second part normally. This does not always work. Maybe flipping it will! Thanks,
    Fox : )

  3. Hi Jon. I do the same thing to prevent gaps - it works like a charm.

  4. Most of my tatting is Gapsosis!!! Thanks for the instructions and perhaps my tatting will improve.
    Linda NM

  5. Hey I do that too (the folding thing)! I don't like gaposis in my tatting.

  6. That is so great to know!!

    I sometimes find myself battling with Gapsosis - how wonderful that there is a cure! LOL

    So simple, too


  7. Yeah I do that too, great tip.

  8. Your lace is so lovely! I will learn how to tat someday, after I have gotten a hold on bobbin lace!

  9. Eight years later and still relevant! I just make that first half stitch super tight and continue. Will have to see if this is better, thanks!


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