14 Jul 2010

I didn't make these, but aren't they pretty?

Just a quick one that I just have to share.

I received this lovely shawl from Radha, a crafting buddy from Alor Setar, a city in the north of Malaysia.  I have only met Radha once before when she came down to Kuala Lumpur to meet with a group of us for a stitching bee.  During that meeting, Radha gave a demo of hairpin lace.  Hairpin lace is something that I have always wanted to try, especially with tatting thread, but never got round to really making the effort of learning how to.  I was very, very surprised to received this a few weeks back.  Thank you Radha.

This piece was also made by someone from Alor Setar.  Jacee and I got to know each other through the internet but we have never met.  I asked her if I can view some of her work but she does not have a blog.  Instead she sent me a picture of this 'Patchwork' mat made from a pattern by Mary Koinor.  It is too pretty not to show it to the rest of the tatting world, so I asked her if I can post the picture in my blog.  Lucky me and you, that she agreed.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm making the Patchwork mat now and it is nice to see it with more than 2 motifs together!

  2. I can make hairpin lace & made a baby blanket with it this year (look it up on my blog). This scarf is really GORG!

  3. Thank you for sharing Jacee's tatting and Radha's shawl. Both are lovely. My guess is that if Jacee was to respond to your suvey she would check over 5 years. Karen in OR


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