9 Jul 2010

Raised Beads in Tatting

I was working with some beads and chanced upon this method of using beads.  I don't know if anyone had used it before but I am sharing it here anyway.  This works for joining picots only.  Sorry for the quality of the photos.

Add the beads to where you are going to make the joining picots, following the pattern. Make the beaded picot loose, i.e. don't pull it close to the double stitches
 When making a join to this beaded picot,  pull the joining thread as usual when making a join.  It can be an up join or a down join.  It works both ways.  I am used to making down joins.

When closing the join, make sure that the bead is in the centre of the loop of the join.  Close the join fully and continue with the next set of double-stitches as per the pattern.

This method gives a raised effect in the beads when added to tatting
 The front side

 The back side

I find this rather interesting.  It raised (pun intended) some ideas for front/back side tatting.

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