The Giveaway is Closed.

The Mother's Day giveaway that I was running here is now CLOSED.  Thank you to each and everyone who has posted comments.

It has attracted 110 participation, the first is De-de and Clyde being the last one in.  The giveaway has attracted both tatters and non-tatters.  I think it must be the Primrose Path doily that is the main attraction.

Gina has graciously asked for a 2nd drawing for the book is she wins, because she already has the book.
Then, there is Robert who says he is a Father and wanted to win the doily for his wife.  How sweet of you, Robert.
Quite a few are new names that I have not come across before in the tatting community.
And many are 'old friends' that have worked together as a group to raise the exposure of tatting as a form of lacework, and quite successfully too.

As for the winner of the drawing, you have to wait a little longer.  It is past midnight here in Malaysia and it it time for bed for me.  You'll have to wait for the results in the morning (my morning) which is evening in the States and the middle of the night in Europe.

No new pictures to show.  I am working on the pattern for the Folded Bookmark shown in the previous post.  It will be in my patterns page when done.

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing who wins the give-away but also for the pattern for the folded bookmark! We will all be winners =)

  2. Oh, Gosh, now it's Hurry Up and Wait!!!!
    Looking forward to the results!


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