15 May 2010


I had a sudden idea to make frogs, not the croaking kind but the closure type like this,

They are not actually sewn onto the blouse.  They are placed there for the purpose of taking pictures. 
Here they are shown as two separate pieces,
The thread used is Manuela size 20.

I finished a few more snowflakes for a custom order of 60 pieces.  I need to make another 20 more to complete the order.  The frogs are a break from the snowflakes while I think on new ideas/designs.


  1. That is beautiful. Will you be publishing the pattern?

  2. I love the frogs! These are elegant and would do well on many garments.

    Sometimes I have a strong desire to make a particuloar thing. Here in the Southern States, it's called "Havin' a hankerin'" or sometimes "Getting a wild hair". My feeling - go with it! That's how we creative people work. We get a wild hair to do something and beauty can emerge.

  3. What a wonderful idea and the colour is real froggy!!!!!!LOL

  4. Miranda, this is like a spur of the moment thing and no patterns drawn up or written.

    Thank you Patrycja.

    I know what you mean CrazyMom. Sometimes when an idea comes, I just had to put everything else down and start working on realising the idea.

    Lol TypsTatting, I thought frogs are usual green.

  5. I would like the pattern too.

  6. Hi Maylyn, Carla.

    Paul, it is not really a 'kerongsang'. More like an adaptation of the Chinese button usually seen on cheongsam and coats.


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