EZ bobs and floss threaders

In my previous post, Tatting-marie asked about the EZ bobs and how they are used. Here is a picture of the EZ bobs that I received form PaulaC.
I have heard of EZ bobs before and seen pictures of it but have never used one.  I was rather excited when Paula C sent me some. They are made of soft plastic, round-shaped with a hole in the middle like a doughnut, flat on one side and curved on the other.  They can be clicked on to each other and stacked up for neat storage.

As for how it is used, they are nifty gadgets for storing threads especially my HDTs.  As you can see in the picture, the curved side of the EZ bob can be turned over and you can wind your thread or yarn round the middle.  When not in used, the curved side can be returned to its original position and the thread is enclosed in the EZ bobs, safe from dust or accidental unwinding. Neat, huh!

Coretta asked how the I used the floss threaders.  Well, they are for stringing beads on the thread when I tat with beads.  Here is how I use a floss threader for beading.

The floss threaders can also be used for hiding ends the Magic Thread method.  You can see how it is used in my earlier post here.

Thank you to Crazy Mom Tats for a more detail instructions on how to use the floss threader in the magic thread method of hiding ends.  Click here to read it.


  1. I love the EZ-bobs too - I use them for the second shuttle all the time.

    Also - I have a tutorial on using floss threaders for Magic Thread Trick here

  2. Yesterday I was with my daughter at the bead store where I finally saw some EZbobs. It looks like they will hold a good size amount of the #80 threads. Thanks for explaining their use.

  3. Congrats on your post - which was also a bit on facebook / craft gossip!

    I love using spoolies (that is what we called them when I was a kid - I'm an old fossil now), will give the dental things a try --- stuffing in the ends can be trying : )

  4. CrazyMomTats, thank you for the link to your blog on the magic thread method method. I have added the link into the post itself.

    Tatting-marie, the ez-bobs are going to be one of my favorite tools from now on.

    Yes Lelia, ends are very annoying too. :)

  5. I love the EZ Bobs, also! I also love the fact that they come in so many sizes, from small to extra large. The larger ones do not snap together; but they keep the thread so clean and yes, perfect for HDT…
    you can order them in the USA from 3stitches.com

  6. Hi Ridgetatter.
    I went over to the site that you gave, but they don't accept Paypal and don't ship outside of US, :(
    No worries, I'll use what Paula sent me for now and start looking around again when I need some more.

  7. Those EZBobs looks kinda interesting. Probably can't get them here in the UK but I'll have a scout around. Thanks for the introduction to them.

  8. Hi Jon,
    I am so glad that you are finding them useful. I think they come in three or four different sized. I have used them for many things. If you decide you would like to have more and can't find them, let me know =)


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