7 Apr 2010

Diane made me do this!

LOL, but it is true! Smiley
Diane posted her finished Primrose Path in her blog and it looked stunning.  Her tatting is impeccable. I felt inspired to have a go at it .... again.  That's right! I have attempted this Mary Konior's pattern before, but was overwhelmed by the many ends that needed hiding.  You can read about my first attempt here.Smiley

I learned my lesson from that experience and have been careful not to leave my ends hanging around for long after I have completed my tatting.  Before starting on something new, I also make an effort to study the design/chart to see if I can incorporate use of split ring and split chain to avoid having the extra ends to hide. This have help in reducing the number of ends.

So, back to the point - this is my second attempt of the Primrose Path,

I am using Altin Basak #50 for this.  The first four sets of the flower motifs tatted up surprisingly fast.  I remember that Diane wrote (quoting Sharon) about being careful of where to start the first ring when using variegated thread. Except for a small white speck, I think I did quite well with the distribution of the shades for the centre of the design.Smiley

I am working on the chain rounds now and will show that next time.

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  1. Isn't it wonderful that with each thing we learn we can go back and try something again and have better results =) It's very pretty =)

  2. Wonderful tatting!
    Fox : )

  3. Very pretty! I like the color of this thread. I guess I should post my progress on my second Primrose Path.

  4. That is one lovely doily and I just love the colour!!!!!

  5. These are simply ravishing! I wish I could tatt!

  6. This design is awesome...would like to know what
    type of thread you use...we don't get such lovely double colours here

  7. It looks beautiful! I have a couple of Mary Konior's books and will have to see if this pattern is in one of them.


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