Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Translate this blog

Now you can read this blog in several other languages besides in English.  I have added the Google Translate selection menu in the sidebar on the left.  The languages that I have chosen are based on the number of visitors to this blog.

I added the translation to Malay, my own language, just for the fun of seeing how the blog will look like, but decide to take it out.  The translation was out of context and quite literal in some places that require some mental acrobatics to understand.

I suppose this will also happen with the other languages, but something is better than nothing, right? he he he

To round off this post, here are some bookmarks from Mary Konior's pattern Read, Mark, Learn.


  1. I usually against the online translators because of what you said, they are too literal most of the time and if you're translating something specific like tatting it will sound like gibberish most of the time. But I tried this post in Spanish and read pretty well. :-)

  2. Your bookmarks are lovely. I tried that pattern but found that the stitch count didn't suit it quite right for me. you win some and lose some I guess!

  3. That is a beautiful bookmark pattern! I'm having a lot of fun working with Mary's patterns, and I always enjoy seeing what others are making!

  4. Needledreams, I have come across online translators that gave me rubbish back, even for short phrases. But it does help sometimes.

    I find that I have to use a tight tension when making this bookmark, especially when making the large rings that make the rounds. Otherwise, the rings will get squeezed. Maybe you can try that.

    Diane, I am enjoying Mary's patterns and will start on the patterns in her 'visual patterns' book soon.

  5. No translation will be perfect but it's a possibility to understand sites in unknown languages. I added the Google Translation to my blog, too, because I know that most tatters do not speak german. And for me it's a way to stay in contact.

  6. You have done a lovely job of making those bookmarks. I have that pattern book and although I've looked through it I didn't recognize this pattern and now that you've shown how great it can look I may just give it a go. Thanks.

  7. The bookmarks by Mary Konior are beautiful. Can you tell me what book they are located in? I would like to try this bookmark pattern. Thanks.

    1. Hi K Eaker,
      The pattern for the bookmark is from the book "A Pattern Book of Tatting" by Mary Konior.


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