Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Down in the dumps

That was how I felt more than 10 days ago, and how I am still feeling now.
I had been sick, couldn't even keep my eyes open or even get my body up the first four days.  Didn't eat anything and only survived on water.

Then, when I felt I needed cheering up, I opened the package from JaneE to play with the pop-a-bobbin shuttles - and the plug ganged up with the rest of the world against me. It was stuck and wouldn't budge a micron.  I gave it a good whack, partly to nudge it out and partly to vent my frustrations for feeling like I felt all week, ....... and there was a slight give.

If anyone reported to the Tat Police this case of grievous bodily harm on a shuttle, I am going to plead temporary insanity ....muahahahahaha  *evil laugh*

The matter of the pop-a-bobbin has been cleared after exchange of e-mails between me, JaneE and Sally. I can assure you that the pop-a-bobbin stood the test of the whack and credit to "I'm in the garage" for coming up with a sturdy tool for a crazy person ..... that's me.

But the matter of feeling crap is still there. And, after all that, I still did not manage to get any tatting done at all.

Let's  see ... who or what is going to be my next victim ......

p/s - if you have send an order for anything from me, please let me know if you want to cancel the order.  I can not be sure when I will be strong enough to ship out the items to you.


  1. I am so sorry your feel so bad. I sure hope you get better real soon.

  2. Poor Jon! It sucks to be down in the dumps for so long :(

    Isn't sarcasm a wonderful tool to use when you feel that way? You have a great sense of humour. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Sorry to hear you're still feeling unwell, I hope it doesn't last much longer.

  4. So sorry to hear that you are sick, and I hope you are feeling a whole lot better very soon. Since you were able to write such a clever post in spite of it all, that's sure to be a sign that you're going to be better than ever!

  5. Sorry you have had that nasty bug that is making its way across the planet. I had mine for 3 weeks-not fun. I love my pop-n-bobbin and I didn't see a thing! lol.

  6. Feel better soon, Jon! We feel sympathetic sadness along with you when you are not feeling your best. We can't help it!

    Brew a nice, hot cup of tea. Sip it in a comfy spot while dreaming of perfect, perfect lace. Before long you will find yourself designing in your mind. That will brighten your spirits!

  7. Just forget about everything causing you stress and pamper yourself until you feel better!
    Take good care of yourself.

  8. Thank you Tudy and M for the get well wishes.

    Vanessa, sometime a great sense of humour may be the thing that is keeping the sanity, LOL. Thank you for writing.

  9. LOL, Yarnplayer, read Vanessa's comment. I think that motivated me writing this post.

    TAT19540, so sorry that you were not feeling well too. I hope you did not have to go through what I went through.

    Isdihara, HJ, I was thinking of the time when I will be able to pick up the shuttles again all during that time, and was starting to feel restless. Usually, when I don't feel well, I am not comfortable wearing my glasses. Without my glasses, I can't tat. Thank you for your wishes.

  10. Yikes! Dengue fever?? I cannot tell you how that sounds to a Westerner like myself!! Sounds like Ebola and other horrible scary medical high drama! Hope you get rid of it FAST!!!

    Is chocolate good for that kind of thing, perchance?

    Get well soon, Jon,
    ♥♥ Fox : )


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