Tatting Tip - Loading two Shuttles with Equal Amount of Thread

Here is a tip on how to load two shuttles continuously without first cutting the thread from the ball, and get an almost equal amount of thread in each shuttle.  This works with Clover shuttles or its equivalent, and with thread size 20.

Load the first shuttle until full.  Then continue by winding the thread over the outside of the shuttle like this -

The trick is to make 150 rounds over the shuttle, counting as you go.  When you reach 150, cut off the thread from the ball and start loading the second shuttle with the cut end off the first shuttle.  And you get this - 

Two shuttles loaded with thread continuously.  The term often used to refer to this is CTM - Continuous Thread Method.

If you plan to use beads, as I have here, string the beads before you start loading the first shuttle.


  1. Thanks for the tip!! I'm usually mumbling on how I have to double load my shuttles because I'm not sure on how much thread to pull off.

  2. salaam sis, thanks so much for the info :-)

  3. Thank you for the tip!!! I'm like Imoshen, mumbling as I pull too much or too little thread off the ball for the second shuttle and making a knotted mess in the process...
    :) Ann

  4. Thanks for the tip. This is one I can really use.

  5. Great tip! I usually just measure out my arm's length as I'm loading the first shuttle til I'm done and then pull that much off the ball before I cut it and load the 2nd shuttle. Trouble is...I sometimes lose count while winding the 1st shuttle and am unwilling to unwind it to start over. LOL! That's why your tip might work better. Only have to count once, for the 2nd shuttle!

  6. This is how I do it, also. Works with bobbin shuttles, too.
    But one has to watch that the thread you are winding on that second shuttle doesn't slip off~ big knotty mess when it does. LOL
    but tatters become very good an UN knotting.

    xxxx Bev

  7. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing this with me!

  8. Thanks for this great tip......all tips are welcome to this tatter
    Joy in OZ

  9. Thanks for sharing your tips :)



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