24 February 2010

Dragonfly and Swan - chart ready

The chart for the dragonfly and swan that I showed in my previous post are ready. 

Click on the tab for 'Free Tatting Patterns' at the top of the page for the link.


  1. pretty motifs, jon. good work!

  2. I have tatted 5 different patterns from your book, "Tattings With Rings" and have found your patterns are very easy to follow. Your directions for tatting over the rings - simply great! Love all the patterns and I can't wait to do the remaining ones. They will make great gifts this coming Christmas.

  3. Hi Jon,
    How are you doing?
    WOW! These are lovely! I wish I could learn how to make these too. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Rleen

  4. Love the swan and the colour as well. Thankyou for shaing your patterns!!!!!


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