A Tribute to Mary Konior

Bookmark - Read, Mark, Learn
from A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior

Words not needed


  1. It's very pretty!!! A very nice tribute.

  2. I have been eying that pattern for such a long time.

    What a good time for you to have posted it. Beautiful tribute.

    Fox : )

  3. Very pretty! I've not used her patterns to make any bookmarks myself but have a lovely one I received in an exchange from the Black Magic pattern.

  4. Hi Jon.
    Tatting one of Mary's patterns is the best way to remember her.

  5. This is a beautiful design. I plan to make a few more of it with some HDTs.

  6. She has left us a wonderful legacy of patterns, hasn't she?

  7. I guess you have ordered the book. I don't think I will be able to tat nowadays since both hands are still in pain. I will just produce lots of HDTs for you guys to use.


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