Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tatting With Rings - bound book

Updated:  I have move the detail on how to purchase the book to my other blog which will totally focused on items that I am putting up for sale.  Click on the picture in the sidebar to go to the blog.

The printed and bound copies of the book, Tatting With Rings is now available.  However, I had to up the price a bit since the material required to put the books together have increased in price slightly since the last time.
The price of the printed copy is now US$17.90 + postage.
 The price shown in the listing is inclusive of postage by region.  Please click on the drop-menu to select the price for your region.

I have created another button for it in the sidebar.  The price listed is inclusive of postage and is for one copy.  Please e-mail me separately if you wish to have more than one copy because I need to give a different postage cost.

I have received a number of e-mails earlier, requesting for the bound copy.  If you have sent me one, please could you now proceed with the purchase by using the 'Buy Now' button. I prefer to do it that way to streamline the process.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Next, the update on the Tatted Snowflakes Collection.  I almost done with the revision.  I may put up the pdf version first, like I did for the Rings book, while I make the printed copies.  It should be all done before the end of the month.

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