12 January 2010

Tatting With Rings - book revised

My book, Tatting with Rings is now available again. but for the moment, only in pdf format.

I have made a small revision of the book to include the instructions for covering the plastic ring (cabone ring) with double stitches using needles.  However, written instructions remains as written, i.e. with shuttles.

The price of the pdf copy of the book is US$16.90.  I have include a 'Buy Now' button linked to Paypal, with the book listing in the sidebar on the right.  Please allow me a few days to respond to any orders as I may not always be online.

And here are some tatting to round off this post, a couple more snowflakes to show.

That makes it 18 done and I have 42 more to do.


  1. Pretty snowflakes!! I bought my tatting with rings in PDF format and love it. What are the chances your Tatted Snowflake Collection will be made available in PDF format?

  2. hmmm is there a new album of snowflakes on the way =) lovely work.

  3. Snowflakes are lovely! Such pretty work! :)

  4. Thanks for making Tatting with rings available again. I'm looking forward to trying some of these patterns

  5. Beelizabeth, the Tatted Snowflakes Collection is under revision right now. It should be available in pdf when I have finished revising it.

    Wickedtats, there is no plan for another book at this time, but you'll never know, ;)

    Thank you Tattingchic, I like making snowflakes. They can be used for many things besides hanging on trees.

    Lilome, the hardcopy version of Tatting With Rings would be available soon. I will make the announcement when they are ready.

  6. Oh great! I can get it now. This will be my early BD present from me to me. lol

  7. I bought the PDF Jon. Thanks for making that available...I'm still waiting for the download. I did read that it could be a few days so I understand.

  8. Thank you! I look forward to getting it and will watch for it to be ready.


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