22 Jan 2010

Chinese Coin Bookmark

This is quite an easy bookmark to make, but you will need to know how to make split rings.  I call this the Chinese Coin bookmark because the shape of the individual repeat is like an ancient Chinese coin.  Click here to find out about the different type of Chinese coins that were once used in China.

I find this design interesting because it can be made in two ways.  You can either make individual motif and join them up, or in one pass. It can be a very colourful piece if the individual motifs are made in different colours.

Click on this link Chinese Coin Bookmark for the pdf file of the pattern.

Ooops ... there seem to be an error in retrieving the chart for this bookmark.  Please wait a while while I try and upload it direct to this post.  Sorry about this. 
The two charts for the bookmark has been added below.

This is the chart for making the bookmark in individual motifs joined together.  The rings shown in green are split rings with the stitch count of SR(4-4/4-4).

This chart on the right is for making it in one pass.
Here, the left side of the bookmark is made first.  When you reach the length that you require, make a turn at the end and continue with the right side.

The rings shown in pink are split rings with the stitch count of SR(4-4-4/4).

Another ooopsy ... 
If you had downloaded the file earlier, there is a mistake in the stitch count for the split rings marked in blue in the second chart.
The rings shown in pink and blue should have the same stitch count, i.e SR(4-4-4/4).

The chart should look like the one in the blog post here.

I have amended the chart in the pdf file to show the correction.


  1. Ooooo - This looks too cool! I'll have to make this and QUICK!

  2. What a lovely bookmark. I have a replica of an old Chinese coin with a hole in the middle, since living in Hong Kong.
    The tassle on the end is very Chinese - must make it. Thanks for being so generous with the pattern.

  3. Sally, I made this model with embroidery floss using three strands. If I a recall, I used up one skein of the floss. The tassle is all the unused strands from the shuttle.

    CrazyMom, Victats, please share photos if you make this. I like to see the different interpretations of the pattern by other tatters.

  4. Nice pattern! I have 3 of those Chinese coins - have had them for decades! Never thought of a tatting pattern for the coins that served for reading the 'I Ching'! LOL!

    Fox : )

  5. I like this for all the reasons already stated, but also because it has a masculine feel to it so that enlarges my collection of bookmark patterns suitable for a male. Thanks Jon!

  6. Great pattern, Thanks Jon for sharing.

  7. Jon,
    You are always so generous with your work.
    Thank you for this pattern. It is lovely.

  8. Beautiful pattern, thanks for sharing.

  9. hi jon
    this design will be dear to me always. cos i mastered the
    split ring technique only through this design...my work comes
    closer to yours only in this pattern


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