22 Jan 2010

Chinese Coin Bookmark

I call this the Chinese Coin bookmark because the shape of the individual repeat is like an ancient Chinese coin.  Click here to find out about the different type of Chinese coins that were once used in China.

I find this design interesting because it can be made in two ways.  You can either make individual motif and join them up, or in one pass. It can be a very colourful piece if the individual motifs are made in different colours. To make it in one pass you will need to know how to make split rings.
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the pattern.


  1. As much as I love this pattern, I find I'm running in to an undesirable effect (I'm sure I'm doing something wrong!)

    The effect is: it "cups" after each coin is complete. I am tatting it in one pass.

    Am I making my picots too small? My spaces between SRs too close together?

    I looked at the photo of yours in detail, and I think mine looks pretty similar.


    I hope you can help!! If you need to see photo, just let me know and I'll get one to you later today/tonight.

    Thanks so much in advance!!

  2. Lily,
    Try making the joining picots in the chain slightly longer that usual. I think that should fix it.
    Good Luck with the next try.

  3. Jon,

    I don't know how I passed this gem over when it was first released. It is a veritable poem of simplicity (rings of 16, chains of 8) and grace (2 rings, 1 chain is a pleasant rhythm). In fact, the pattern is downright addictive! I may end up making a whole bunch of them, and perhaps a doily too! Belated thanks for another wonderful addition to the tatting library.

  4. You are so talented and you explain things so very well. I appreciate your sharing your talent. I love your site! You're the ticket hands down!


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