Monday, 9 November 2009

Amendments to Instructions for 'Melati'

I have discovered that a slight correction is required in the written instructions for the pattern 'Melati" from my book Tatting with Rings.  The chart is not affected.

On page 11,

The 6th line down, the instruction should read
R(5+[to the last picot of the previous ring]3[1b]3

The 9th line should read
WS+(1), going through the picot of the last ring of the centre motif

The 11th line down should read
WS+(1), going through the same picot of the centre motif joined earlier.
These amendments may not be obvious after you have made the first few repeats, but I felt that I should still mention it for completeness sake.

I do apologise to those who have purchased the book if you may have been confused when making this motif.

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  1. Thanks for telling us, I hadn't even noticed, even tho I followed the instructions and the diagram together!


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