16 Oct 2009

Thread Heaven aaahh........

I was lucky to receive some heavenly HDTs in the last few days.

The first one is this Pink Rose that I received from Zarina.   Zarina offered a selection of her HDTs to be tested and I jumped right in with my choice.

This is the same thread that TattingChic blogged about earlier.  This thread is size 20.  I was so excited to receive this thread that I immediately open it up and tatted up this snowflake.  It was wonderful to tat with.  I like how the snowflake tatted up with the sprinkling of green over the pink.

The second delivery was even more heavenly.  These were from Pamela, Tatskool.  Pamela and I, we had an arrangement between us.  When I was working on the book, Tatting With Rings, I send a file of the draft for Pamela to give her once over.  I was elated when Pamela suggested a swap, my book for her threads, even before she knew the price for the book.  This is an opportunity that I was not going to let pass. 

I never actually say how many of Pamela's HDT that I wanted, but was surprised to received these!!!
Top to bottom:
1. ChocoRaspberry
2. Raspberry Sorbet
3. Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse
4. Raspberry Ripple and Real Vanilla
5. Chocolate Sauce
6. Chocolime
7. Key Lime

Pamela dear, You are so generous.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. You hit the jackpot, dear. Congratulations! I love that thread from Zarina. She and I have to work out a deal! Pamela's threads are always so lovely and that is very generous. I know you will enjoy them.

  2. Don't you just ♥ Zarina's Pink Rose HDT? I know I do. Your snowflake is pretty. Thanks for the shout out, BTW!
    What a fun swap with Pamela!
    Happy Tatting!

  3. Your snowflake is gorgeous in that thread! I might just have to order some of it.

    This is an interesting post, Jon. Thanks for sharing all the details!
    Fox : )

  4. Oooo, beautiful threads! Lucky you!

  5. Jon - you have the ChocoLime that I was drooling over. What a fine week you have.

  6. I think of thread colors like food lol...some of those look downright lickable!

  7. The Sweetheart set caught my eye, so scooted over to Etsy to get my order in. Looks like a handy pattern set to have on hand for exchanges; such a nice variety.
    Yes, I love Pamela's threads, also! Can't hardly wait for mine to arrive!
    Isn't it fun to do 'trades'?
    Continue to enjoy your blog and visit each month at least once!
    hugs, Bev


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