17 Oct 2009

Snowflake for the Season - Featherline

This first attempt of the snowflake was using Zarina's Pink Rose, as I had blogged about earlier.  Here is the photo of the snowflake again.

If you have a copy of my book, Tatted Snowflakes Collection, you'll recognise that the centre is based on the Floret motif from the book. 

This second one has beads added to it.  I also changed the stitch count a bit here and removed some picots.  This model is tatted with Hakelgarn Online, #20.

This third version is using Olympus 40.  This is the version that I am finally satisfied with.

This ia my seasonal snowflakes offering for this year.  I am calling this Featherline.  It is a word that I just made up.  The design is kinda wispy to me, hence the word feather is used in it.  The pattern is now available in Jon's Patterns Page.


  1. Very generous of you, Jon. This is a beautiful snowflake, and a wonderful addition to Floret.

  2. When seeing the HDT in a project, finally am I satisfied with the look. I was not happy with the colorway but TattingChic asked me to repeat (since I have no more at the moment).

  3. It's lovely. thanks a million, I used Floret so many times last year this should be easy!!

  4. I love them all. I have not done much tatting since my son-in-laws bad accident. I know I will get back to it sometime.

  5. Lovely snowflakes. That second photo of the pink rose snowflake is much more clearer...er...the colors are more vibrant in the light you took it in. Both are nice!

  6. Hi Jon! your patterns are always fantastic!! thanks for sharing!! =)

  7. Jon, I just finished this wonderful snowflake! I posted it immediately; it is sooo pretty! And it called out for pink.

    I do enjoy your patterns and cannot wait to start tatting some from your book - which I have had for a while, but have not had time to get into! There is always something and time seems to fly by. Well, I am determined to go through that whole book. I just love the designs! Fox : ))


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