Sunday, 6 September 2009

Birthday presents

I treated myself to some birthday presents and it finally arrived a few days back. Here are what I got for me, moi, myself .... he he he....

They are a few tubes of seed beads, several strands of glass beads and a couple of strings of mother of pearls from
Even as I have not gotten over the excitement of receiving my orders, I received this 'treasure chest' from Ellen as my birthday exchange gifts.

 and it opens up to show these

I am also fortunate to receive one of Ellen's birthday card because I've admired many of her handmade cards that she had shown in her blog.  There are also aphabet cutouts that spells my name.  I don't how I am going to use them yet.

Ellen has included a pretty bookmark and several tatted motif with magnets.  Very clever idea.

Thank you Ellen


  1. Happy Birthday Jon!!!

    Hope you had a great day! Looks like you will be very busy using your super gifts to yourself and all the wonderful goodies in the "treasure chest"!
    Have fun! Fox : ))

  2. Looks like a great lot of goodies. The bookmark from Ellen is gorgeous, wonder if we have seen that pattern before. Hope you enjoyed your birthday party!

  3. Those are lovely, colorful gifts! I especially like that bookmark and the butterfly - such perfect tatting. Looks like you had a very happy birthday, indeed! I wish you a great year ahead, filled with joy.

  4. Ooh, what pretty and thoughtful gifts!

  5. ooooh..bead heaven!

    Happy Birthday, BTW!

  6. What a nice gift. Both from yourself, or from Ellen. Happy (belated) Birthday Jon. All the best!

  7. Wow! What nice birthday presents to you from you and from Ellen! I know you are having fun with them. Hope you had a great day.

  8. Happy Birthday, Jon! That bookmark from Ellen is wayyyyy cool! I love the colors and the design! That treasure chest is really neat, too! The beads you treated yourself too are beautiful as well! Enjoy and Happy Belated Birthday to you! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  9. Happy Birthday, Jon. Heard about your new book. Congrats. What a lovely exchange with Ellen. Love her butterflies. Have yet to make one. It is going to my to do list.

  10. Happy Birthday, Jon! Your gifts are so pretty and thoughtful! And you are so thoughtful to share them with us on your blog. Hope your special day was everything you imagined and more!

  11. A Very Happy Natal Day, Jon! Ellen is a wonderful person with whom to exchange! She is so very generous, I have found. That is why I believe that tatters have generous hearts. Thank you for sharing your patterns and techniques.
    A big Birthday hug to you from Bev :>)


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