25 August 2009

The Word is .. Beautiful

I am going to try and avoid using the word beautiful when commenting on beautiful (ooops ... ) tatting that I see on other blogs. But my vocabulary is so limited in this area, and I kept going back to these same words -
beautiful, pretty, nice, lovely.

Well, I have enough of it! Yes, I do.
I looked up the word 'beautiful' in the thesaurus and I found this.

Some interesting words there ..... hmm

Exquisite would nicely describe fine tatting.
I don't know what kind of tatting would be alluring, ravishing or sexy.
Magnificent would be for tatting that is beyond my own tatting skill.
Irresistible is something that I have to try and tat myself.
Some of the tatting collages that I have seen earn the word picturesque.

And, what do you think of this one, pulchritudinous? I don't even know how to pronounce it. LOL

The charming bookmark was given to me by Felicia when I met up with her in Bandung a few months back.

Ha ha ha ... by now you'd have guessed that I don't have much to do at the moment. I just came back from the post office to mail off the books to the winners of my Celebration giveaways and a couple of book orders for the Tatted Snowflakes Collection.

Ok now, off to snap a few more pictures.


  1. Your bookmark is bonny and beguiling! Fox : )

  2. I always enjoy your blog, though I'm just a lurker here. Beautiful stuff you make.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Words can be so much fun to play with, and I think exquisite does describe some of your tatting!

  4. That's a cute post! Love the colors of the bookmark your friend made for you! Very pretty! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  5. :) Smiling back to you, Fox

    Jooli, I enjoyed reading your blog too. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan.

    Thank you, Diane, TattingChic. Words are fun to play with.

  6. You're the bee's knees Jon!
    :) Ann

  7. Your bookmark is charming! Your post was a fun read! Look forward to more pictures.

  8. The bee's knees? :/ What does it mean, Ann?

    Thank you, Tattrldy. I hope it brought a few smiles.

  9. It's slang from the 1920's meaning "the best" and certainly applies to you!
    :) Ann

  10. That (i don't think so) charming bookmark, simply because the fetching design from Kersti ^_^

    ooh..and, almost forgotten, SELAMAT BERPUASA to you and family...

  11. My ex-husband of nearly half a lifetime ago used to call me his 'pulchritudinous purple panther' when I wore my violet swimsuit. The 'ch' in pulchritude is pronounced as a 'k'.

  12. ... so that is what it means. Thanks Ann.

    Felicia, it is a charming piece of work and you should be very proud of it. Thank you for the Ramadhan wishes.

    Susanne, that is a mouthful, LOL.


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