Thursday, 20 August 2009

Doily - I Cleared the Round

While waiting for my giveaway to close, (which will be in a few hours at the time of writing this) I worked on my green and pink doily.

Oh ... thank you so much to all of you who have registered for the giveaway. I did not expect the number that did. You are all great folks.

I finally cleared the round where I need to work with leaving bare thread connecting the rings. I managed to get the correct amount of the thread after a few tries. The pattern mentioned to leave about 3mm but I left it longer than that, about 5mm I think. This is where I am at the moment.

I have started on the next round which is again made up of small round motifs. I did a bit of calculation to decide on how to use the two colours for this round and where to make the joins so that they fit in with the earlier small motifs. The only way I can think of is to make two motifs in green followed by one in pink.

As you can see from the grid lines on the cutting mat, the size is already 27cm in diemeter and I still have three rounds to go. This is going to take a while to finish.


  1. I am working on the same doily! I am only on round 4 though. Since it is one of *many* WIPS, it will probably be a while before I am done:) Isn't it a beautiful piece?

  2. Your doily is beautiful. I can not imagin doing anything that complicated. I like the simple things.

  3. Jon, I think I must have missed the initial information about your doily - could you tell me whether it's your own pattern? - and which thread you're using?
    Of course, I am loving it as it grows, because you're using my favourite colours! - but I haven't had the time lately to be online as much as I used to, and I'd really like to know about this doily!

  4. It's looking very nice, JOn! That looks like a lot of work. :)

  5. Jon did you ever finish this doily? Can't find any further notes on it. It looks fantastic. Which book was it in?


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