Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Arches with Altin Basak

I have finished the Arches doily using the Altin Basak thread that Ulla sent me, which I wrote about in the previous post. The pattern is by Marilee, the Yarnplayer.

The thread that I used for this are #3053 for the rings and #308 for the chains. 3-ply thread is not my first choice for tatting thread but I think I am going to like working with Altin Basak.

I was looking through my stash of tatting threads recently and realised something that I should have done from a very long time ago. And that is, to keep a record of the different type and shades of thread that I have used. Finally came up with this sample card system.

I tatted a small motif with each thread that I have. In this case, it is a small rings only flower with R(5-2-2-2-2-5). Each flower is pasted onto an index card with a brief note about the type, thickness and colour written beside it. For comparison, I also showed the width of the finished flower under it.

Each piece of card has space for three records which I file in a small D-ring file that was originally meant for keeping CDs in their plastic pockets. I have only made nine sample flowers from the many thread that I have. I must remember to add to it each time I start with a new thread.


  1. This is a great idea! I've actually thought I should do something like this for a long time but have never done anything. Maybe this will be my motivator!

  2. I love the doily. The flower motif is so cute, I think it might make cute earrings with a fine thread. The record of threads is a great idea too. Thanks

  3. What a clever idea! There's going to be a run on the stores all over the world for CD D-ring files.

  4. The doily is absolutely gorgeous, Jon! I think I might have to tat this one! I like your card system, but I'm not sure I'm that ambitious.

  5. What a pretty design. And the thread looks great. Such a pleasure to look at your work!

    The filing idea is a super! Good luck with it - you have so much to catalogue!

  6. Very good idea on keeping track of the threads you have or have tatted with.

    How does the Altin Basak tat up? As good as DMC Cordonnet?

  7. The arches doily looks beautiful in that purple thread! So pretty!

  8. Tattrldy, sometimes you just need a little push to get started, :-)

    Hi Tudy, thank you for dropping by.

    Marty, craft organisers can be found at odd places sometimes, :-)

    Diane, you might get addicted to this motif, like you did with the Spinning Wheel. I am confident yours will look great.

    Fox, I am not rushing it to finish the cataloging, only when I am using that particular thread. I just need to remember to make the small motif before winding the shuttle for the bigger project.

    Barbara, Altin Basak is 3-ply so it is a bit soft. There is a waxy feel in the thread. I think it is mercerised cotton so it tats up very smoothly.

    Thank you TattingChic.

  9. Your doily is gorgeous!
    What a great idea to have sample cards! Then when you do a pattern you can look at what size, how colors flow etc. from different threads. Brillant.

  10. Gorgeous!!!

    And so organized - I'm totally impressed. Your cards are going to be a wonderful resource.

  11. love your 'arches'!! beautiful colors! reminds me of Easter!

  12. Lovely doily! It looks very nice in color. I had the exact same idea for keeping track of my different threads, but I haven't gotten around to actually making them:)

  13. beautiful colour combination. I am still struggling to complete my arches.

  14. The doiley is gorgeous, on my to do list. Your filing system is great, well worth doing if you have a technical mind like you obviously do...like me.

  15. I agree the doily is so so wonderful.

    What a happiness to see al the things you are doing.


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