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Friday, 3 July 2009

Sometimes the Tatting Just Click

Yesterday, I didn't have anything in mind and had nothing else to do. I decided to load up two shuttles and let my fingers fly. What came out of it was truly a happy surprise.

I was very satisfied with myself considering that I didn't sketch anything out beforehand. And, the stitch counts just fit in very nicely. I did not have to unpick to change the stitch count (well.. okay, I unpicked once because I made a join to the wrong picot). But most importantly it lays flat. I didn't have to block it at all.

This is the raw cut of a snowflake motif. It you look closely some picots got dropped half-way through it because I didn't like the way the are crowding up. This was tatted with size 50 thread and measures 10cm (4inches) across.

The one below is the refined version. I made slight changes in it - put in extra picots, made additional joins and changed the curve of the chains in some parts. But the stitch count remains the same.

This version was tatted with size 40 Lavender orchid HDT from the Yarnplayer. The finished size is 11cm (slightly over 4.25inches).

How I wish it is as easy as this all the time ... *big sigh*


  1. You are an amazing tatter, Jon. Beautiful!

  2. Very pretty, Jon! Someday I hope to have tatting just fly off the shuttles for me!

  3. that is so super beautiful Jon I love it... Yes if it were only that easy when we design its beautiful!!!!

  4. Jon, those are beautiful Jon! I love the design and the colors of thread are gorgeous! It's so nice to be able to design our own things because we are able to design according to our own tension. I notice that my own designs lie perfectly flat, too. I know what desginers have tension similar to mine because those designs tend to lie flat, too. It's interesting.

  5. Very pretty Jon and I love the HDT.

  6. You have such a gift of talent...thank you for sharing as you do.

  7. It must be a wonderful feeling to create a piece like that. It is BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Beautiful pattern. You are brave to just pick up shuttles and start tatting. I can't even come up with a design, much less one that looks so nice on the first try!

  9. I like both versions of your design and the colour of the second one is gorgeous.

  10. How beautiful. I am still having a little trouble with even picots but they are getting better. I just keep practicing. I love your work.

  11. Lovely snowflake, Jon! I love how the small chain turns in the opposite direction just before the outer rings.

  12. Jon,

    You are so talented!! They are beautiful.

  13. Both versions are so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Your tatting is exquisite - such a talent. Both of these are very pretty. I find with your work that I stare at the screen for a long time; maybe I'm hoping some of that precision will rub off on me by looking!

  15. it's probably a case of practise makes perfect! very pretty snowflake. great job.

  16. Thank you Bonnie, Clyde, Susanne, busymom100, Nancy. You are all so very kind.

    Diane, it doesn't happen often, and I don't have any hopes that it will happen again anytime soon, :-/

    So agree with you Heather. You have designed beautiful tatting yourself.

    sewmuchfun, it was a very satisfying feeling. One of the reasons that makes me continue with my tatting.

    Mica, you should give designing a try. You'll be surprised to see what you can do.

    Thank you Tatskool, Marilee's thread are always lovely to look and tat with.

    Fox, would it be weird to say that I stare at my tatting on screen too, sometimes? They somehow look different on the computer screen compared to the real one in hand.

    You got a point there TattingChic. Tension! Maybe that was the problem with me tatting doilies, ha ha ha.....

    Tudy, I don't give much attention to even picots. Uneven ones gives a unique touch to the tatting - they say 'handmade'!

    You are right Valerie, practise makes perfect.

    Thank you Steph, I like the twists and turns in the curve of chains in tatting.

    You are welcome Needledreams.

  17. Hi Jon! I just came back over to say thanks for stopping by my blog to see your star that I tatted! :)

  18. Wow! I am so impressed! These are beautiful! I love having all these examples of what I want my tatting to aspire to.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the friendly welcome.

  19. Jon,

    Beautiful work - great tatting. Sunela


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