Magic Moment Snowflake

This model is made with size 40 Lavender Orchid HDT from the Yarnplayer. It measures up to 10.5cm (4.25in) across. If made with size 20, it may be large enough to be considered as a small doily.

The Chart

The pattern (uses two shuttles)

R(7-2-7), reverse work (RW).
(#)C(6-6-6-6), RW.
R(7+2-7), join to last picot of previous ring. Do not reverse, DNR.
Switch Shuttle (SS), C(6), RW.
R(4+4-4-4), join to last picot of previous long chain. DNR
SS, C(4), DNR.
(*)SS, R(4+4-4-4), join to last picot of previous ring, DNR.
Repeat from (*) FIVE times more until there are seven rings altogether. RW
C(6), DNR.
SS, R(7+2-7), join to the picot of the adjacent ring. RW.
C(6+6-6-6), join to the last ring of the seven-rings set. RW
R(7+2+7), 1st join to the picot of previous ring, 2nd join to the picot of the first ring. DNR.
SS, C(3-3-3-3), DNR (**)
SS, R(6-4-6), DNR.
SS, C(3-3-3-3), DNR

SS and repeat from the beginning. For the chain in step (#), replace the picots with joins to opposite chain.

Continue with the pattern until (**). For the next step, make the ring R(6+4-6), joining to the first ring of the centre, followed by the chain C(3-3-3-3).


  1. It is sooo pretty.
    Thanks for being so generous and sharing the pattern.

  2. Your tatting is so pretty!

  3. OoooH! I love this one, thanks so much for sharing.

  4. How pretty it is. I'm an absolute beginner.
    I wonder how long it will be before I can make something so nice.

  5. This is gorgeous, Jon. You sneaked this one by me. Can't wait to try it!

  6. This pattern is wonderful- I love to male these snowflakes. Thanke you for being so gererous with your talents.

    Melissa aka Beelizabeth
    (I don't blog- I just get inspired by those every one else post)

  7. You have done a great job with this one Jon BRAVO and thanks for sharing

  8. Your design is very wonderful and elegant!!
    Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  9. Jon... Just wanted to alert you to this! I did your Magic Moment!

    Thank You!!!!!

  10. really have magical fingers...the design is really impressive...would really like to try it one day.

  11. I don't know it its the thread or the pattern that i like about this one but, thanx so much for sharing the pattern! Either way i love it :D

  12. what does ss mean again, please?

    1. Hi IvyRose,
      SS means 'switch shuttle'.
      In a two-shuttles patterns, there are parts where you need change your working shuttle, and in my patterns this is indicated with 'SS'

  13. haha silly me, seems obvious now. thank you Jon :0)


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