Magic Moment Snowflake

Magic Moment
that is the name that I've given to this snowflake.

And to add some fun to it, I have decided to give this snowflake to one of the commenters from the earlier post. 18 wonderful people have left comments and I am picking the 10th name from the list that has been jumbled up by the list radomiser in

The lucky person picked is ..... Diane, the lace-loving librarian.

Diane, I already have your address. It will be on your way soon.

For the rest who are not so lucky this time, you can tat this Magic Moment yourself. Follow the link to my Patterns Page to get the pattern.


  1. Woo Hoo! Lucky Diane. That is a nice name for that beautiful snowflake. :)

  2. How beautiful but I do not think I could follow that pattern yet. I am still working on my tension and picots. But my blog has some earrings I made this week for practice. I love all your work.

  3. Wow! This is a fabulous snowflake! Thank you, Jon! You can't believe how excited I am!

  4. Oh, I like this one, can't wait to down load the pattern once I get home.

  5. This is just such a lovely snowflake. And I, too love that HDT colorway. hugs, Bev

  6. TattingChic, I am not good at naming things, but this name came quite easilt, just like the design, *grin*

    You'll be ready soon enough Tudy. Your earrings are lovely.

    My pleasure, Diane.

    Wickedtats, Bev, the thread if from Marilee the Yarnplayer whose thread are always so pretty.

    Tatskool, I am going to make another one with your Rainbow Bright. I think this is the pattern for that lovely HDT of yours.

  7. Pretty! I think it'll look good in black!

  8. Hey Paul, would love to see you do it in black. My eyes are not that good anymore working with black. It happens with sge, you know. :-)


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