Monday, 8 June 2009

Time Waster

I should be doing something else, like
  • working on my designs
  • drawing charts
  • proof-reading the written instructions
or mundane things like,
  • folding the clothes
  • cleaning the stove
  • watering the garden , oh strike that out.. I did that this morning
... instead I played around with my blog and it turned out like this! I hope it doesn't cause any problem with my visitors like it did the last time I tried to change it to 3-column.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a little bit of tatting for you, what else but another earring. This is not final yet, still tweaking it based on comments that my daughter made. She is my top critic on my designs.


  1. your blog makeover looks nice.

    Tattled ear ring looks very pretty

  2. I've been wasting time also, but not in such a creative way! I love the new look of your blog, and it caused me no problems.

    I love the earring! I must try tatting around a ring!

  3. I think that this is my favorite of all the earings or tatting around a cabone that you've done so far! I tried to avoid doing stuff yesterday too but then the dust bunnies got out of control! Blog looks lovely

  4. Those earrings are adorable! Not being a huge fan of jewelry, I would wear those!

    Love the new blog background, too. I really like the three column format. Much better use of space. I was kind of surprised at the amount of time it took to tweak the coding.

  5. Oh yay! I can leave comments again! Very pretty design.

  6. It looks nice. I am considering changing mine to a 3 column, too. I think my blog is giving some people some problems right now so, HMPFFFfff!
    What did you do to save all of your widgets?

    The earring looks nice, BTW!

  7. The blog looks amazing. So does that little earring! I have to try these..... I have managed to do one covered ring using your wonderful instructions. Time to do another! Fox : )

  8. Thank you Nima.

    Steph, it didn't take that long with the variety of free backgrounds available. The one that I am using if from You can go there through the link on the top left corner of my blog.

    Fox, Diane, would love to see what you'll be making with the rings.

    Sherry, so glad that you are able to leave comments again. I value all comments left for me.

    TattingChic, I have no trouble viewing your blog.

    Victats, I'll be off the PC as soon as I finish this ... I hope, ;-)

  9. I love the new blog look. Wish mine looked this good! The earring is so pretty. Your daughter has a good eye, like her mother!

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for the suggestions. Your work is beautiful!! It looks very hard! I hope I'll be able to tat like that one day! I love the earrings, and everything else you have on your blog. Any suggestions for a nice beginner project?

  11. Sometimes girls just want to have fun-and what better way then to change things! I like the new look of your blog and LOVE the earrings!

  12. These earrings are beautiful.

    I also use the ring a lot.


  13. I think I can post a comment this time - let's see! It's very strange: On those blogs where the comment form appears on the LEFT hand side, I can't post!
    I have gleaned whispers that there is another book in the offing.......?

  14. Tattycat, this daughter of mine has very critical eye for all kind of things. Even her sister would not let anything pass without first asking for her views.

    Thank you Wendy, you'll get there in no time. I can't think of a beginner's project right now to suggest to you, but there are so many free patterns available online if you make a search for it.

    I like that Sue. Yes, sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

    Thank you Carla.

    Yep Maureen, your comment came through okay, though not sure what you meant by 'left hand side form'. *whispering now* the book? just wait and see ;-)


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