Saturday, 2 May 2009

The weather is not good for tatting

Besides working on completing the tiny hearts, have not been able to tat much otherwise. The weather is not very kind to me.

It has been rather hot the past week. Not blistering hot but very humid and sweaty. I feel like taking a shower every few hours. I can't tat in this high humidity weather. My hands are always damp with sweat and that is bad for the thread. They don't slide easily when wet or damp.

But you can't stop a tatter from tatting, ;-) In between the showers and frequent washing of hands to get rid of the sweaty palms, I managed to finish these.

I think I'll call them 'phone-dangles' because I often see things like this, not done in tatting though, hanging from mobile/cell phones. But they can also be put on zipper pulls on purses or bags, or anywhere for that matter. Anywhere that can catch the eye.

Hopefully, whoever notice it will be curious enough to ask about it and I can start telling them about tatting. :-)


  1. I love your phone dangles! What a wonderful way to promote tatting! I'll have to do some research and see where I can find some of that cord. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. Why Jon, these are simply marvelous... I like this idea - so trendy of course. Count on you to find such different stuff and look at the colors hmmm so bright and nice… :-) Thanks so much for sharing it. As far as the heat goes It’s painful :-( I know what you mean when you say you want a shower every now and then… I cannot agree with you more!

  3. What a great idea! Love the colours. Terrific little pattern. I have only done one, and it gave me some grief, as patterns always do the first time for me. But, I am inspired to do this again soon.

    Before I tatted this I bought a gazillion little plastic rings - just in case!

    I was so excited after the first one came out so nicely! Thanks for the pattern... Fox : )

  4. So you are the ones who got all the warm weather! Only fair you need to share with the rest of us! Seriously I know what it's like to try and tat when you are wet and stick- not fun.
    Your phone dangles are lovely( as usual).

  5. Very pretty indeed, fingers crossed for better weather for you.

  6. Cute! I'll have to dig out my craft rings and make some up, LOL! :) I got one from Umintsuru (it's a dragonfly) I think I'll put in on my scissors for a scissor fob! :)

  7. Love the phone dangles - very pretty and eye catching!

  8. You are welcome, Diane.

    Sapna, I'm always looking at different ways to show off tatting.

    Never give up, Foxy-girl. Going by the photos of your tatting that you have posted in several places, you are doing great.

    TAT19540, Tatskool, the weather is very unpredictable here. One day it is hot and the next day it can be pouring rain in buckets. Flash floods can happen anytime.

    TattingChic, they look nice as scissor fobs, too.

    Thank you, tattrldy.

  9. Hi! I'm so in love with this technique. Thank you so much for your tutorial, I was wondering after seeing this last post, how you are doing the beads at the base of the green clovers on the ring?

  10. I love the one on the left - yummy colors. Now that I HAVE to take a break for quilting, onwards to tatting using my HDTs.

  11. Duh, they are on the shuttle thread aren't they. I'm such a goof sometimes!

  12. Sorry for the late reply Krystle, but glad you finally figured it out.

    Zarina, the thread used for both is Olympus 40.

  13. Gorgeous!!! I know how to tat around a ring, but not INSIDE the ring. Have you made a written pattern for these?


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