Thursday, 19 February 2009


Another motif of tatting over a plastic ring. You are going a few more of this type for a while to come.

This designed caused me to retro-tat at a point when I was already at the last ring of the second round. I know it would be easier to just cut and start over, but it is not a very large motif so I took the risk and survived the retro-tatting bit, :-) Now all done except for the tidying of the thread ends (which is another pet hate)

The thread is size 20 Hakelgarn Online and the plastic ring used measure 23mm wide


  1. Very nice! I have Sadie's book about tatting over these rings and have made a number of them. Some I like more than others, of course. Will enjoy seeing what you come up with.

  2. Are you tatting the flowers in the center first before covering the ring? I'm so intrigued by your earrings too!

  3. So pretty as usual Jon! I look forward to when you have the chance to share more (I know you're busy so I won't press... much). Mimi

  4. omg~~ thats beuatiful ~~ is it hard to do?

  5. This is a very pretty pattern and I Love the colors! Looks good!

  6. Very pretty. I love it! Can't wait to see more.

  7. Gina, Mimi, TattingChic, tattrldy, Tattycat, Ciyou,
    Thank you for visiting.

    Krystle, the tiny flower motif is made first and joined to the main motif as i wrap up the plastic ring with double stitches. There is tutorial on how to do this in the sidebar of my blog,
    (Wrap a Plastic Ring with Doublestitches)

  8. How lovely you have done a great job...thanks for sharing


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