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Sunday, 1 February 2009


My latest, hot off the shuttles,

.... or rather, shuttle because each piece is worked with one shuttle only and a little bit of finger tatting for split rings.

Made with Coral Reef size 40

I used plastic rings tatted over with double-stitches for the circle in the middle to add weight to the earrings. The length from the top down is 5.5cm and 3.5cm wide. The plastic ring inside is 2cm wide on the outside.

Here are a few more using the same design concept, but turned into a hanging ornament.


  1. Jon
    I love everything about these designs. The color the shape. Will this be on the pattern page or in a new book?

  2. is too pretty. .perfect choice of colour and great finishing

  3. Oh, Jon! I really, really love these! Any chance you will make some to sell? My MIL and I would both wear these. I have a friend who would love them as well. I like the two different ways you have finished them and made into ornaments. You did a great job!

  4. Very Pretty! I was going to say they remind me of summer, sun & surf, and then remembered the name...Coral Reef! LOL! Great variations too!

  5. Awesome Jon. You never seize to amaze. The color is also great. Do you have tutorials on video?

  6. Sally, I don't have tutorials on video, sorry. Still to learn on making videos.
    Gina, Pamela Myer's Coral Reef HDT is stunning and very nice to tat with.
    Thank you Tattingchic, Dani, Nima and Connie.
    Tattycat, I have never had anyone ask me to purchase any of my finished tatting pieces. This is a compliment indeed.

    Not sure if it will be in the Patterns Page. You just have to wait and see.

  7. Oh Jon,it is so beautiful...and it is worked with the same kind of beads that I have! The colour, the design everything is so pretty! Please, please can you share the pattern with us. I so want to make it.

  8. Jon, I was on your 'how to wrap a plastic ring with ds' page and I think,I can do that. it is similar to what you have done here. I love the tutorial. Thank you so much.

  9. Very pretty, Jon. Makes me wish my brain worked as well as yours...

  10. These are all gorgeous Jon! I would buy a pair from you too!!

  11. Ais, I'm glad that my tutorial helped.
    Marty, you have created beautiful designs yourself.
    SY, Thank you.

  12. Jon I like all ur tatting & these earrings are superb,tooooooooooo good,beautiful.plsssssss share this design.

  13. Just lovely...great job well done


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