Will you be My Valentine?

If you will, tat this heart and send a picture to me (jonyusoff(at)yahoo(dot)com) and send the actual one to your real Valentine, :-)

The pattern is Hearts Entwined in my Patterns Page

HDT by LadyShuttlemaker

Additional Term and Condition:
By sending the picture to me,I will take it that you have given permission for me to show the said picture in my blog here.

Don't you hate it how these extra terms are added in and almost always printed in such tiny font, :-/

Anyway, here they are in normal size.
Additional Term and Condition:
By sending the picture to me,I will take it that you have given permission for me to show the said picture in my blog here.

Here is a little about my progression when designing this.

It began with this one, when I first designed it for one of my entries in the 25-motif challenge.

Tatted with Flora size 20, white

I felt that it appears top-heavy, so I changed it a bit and it turned out like this,

Altin Basak - I used two different thread for this, one in solid pink and the other is variegated (blue/white/pink)

I had some trouble with the long chains on both side of the heart outline. The single thrown ring on each side is not able to hold the chains in place. It needed blocking. So I changed it again to this,

Pamela Myers' HDT - Apple Blossom

It fared better this time. I didn't have to block this at all - it sort of dutifuly fall into place. Another thing, my tension in the long chains are a bit loose compared to the other chains in order to get it stay straight.

Or, you may consider using the BDS - Balance Double Stitch method as devised by Ruth Perry. I don't have the link to the Ruth Perry's site. If anyone can provide it, I greatly appreciate it.

Well, I could stop here but ... why not ... he he he ...So I tweaked it a little bit more and finally came up with the final one shown right on top.
It would be interesting to see any other variations to this.



  1. Congratulations Jon! Please check my blog you are a winner of HDT. Please email me your address so I can ship your prize!

  2. Beautiful! I can't believe you're putting out another challenge... I haven't done the snowflake yet!

  3. I will definitely be your Valentine and send you a picture when I finish tatting this lovely heart! Thank you once again for being so generous.

  4. What a beautiful heart. I can't way to try it out. Your patterns are wonderful and I am excited to try out another one.

  5. Jon,
    Thanks for going to the trouble to write up your beautiful pattern! As for BDS, Ruth shared this handout with the on-line class: http://www.georgiaseitz.com/2008/ruthplongringchains.pdf. Is that the one you remember?

  6. WOW ! I'll be on it Right away!
    Tanks for the pattern.

  7. Nice design. Mayb i will give it a try after finish tatting the carousel. And beautiful thread colours.

  8. Thank you all, I hope you'll try and put in your variations to the design.

    Thanks Mimi, that is the link that I was looking for. I remember it from the online class but lost the link.

    Thank you for the surprise Sherry. Looking forward to receiving it.

  9. WOW!!! I'll love to try this... :)

  10. this is a beaut. Jon, can you tell us what program you use to draw your tatting diagrams?

  11. Jullie, a good way to while away your time during your 'confinement', :-)

    Shay, would you believe that I am using the drawing program in Microsoft Words? I know it doesn't have much functionalities in it but I am getting quite good using it, ;-) I haave looked at some drawing software but have not decided on which one. Thank you for visiting.

  12. I'd like to get some more instruction on how to use Microsoft Word for the drawing program. I have WORD but haven't tried to use the drawing part. I'd love to give it a try but would like at least some simple instructions before diving into it. Can you help me?



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