Square Block

This design is one of my earlier ones that finally got round to be written and diagrammed. It is a square motif that I made as one of the entries in my 25-motif challenge.

I have since completed my challenge but I encourage you to visit the challenge blog and see the work of others tatters who are still participating in the challenge. And if you have not done so, you may be tempted to join up.

The picture above is showing four of the square blocks joined together to make a bigger square.

Pattern uses two shuttles

The chart

The written instructions

R(3-3-3-3) , reverse work (rw).
C(4-6), do not reverse (dnr).

(*)Switch Shuttle (SS), R(4-4-4), rw. C(6), dnr.

SS, R(3-3+3-30, join to the middle picot of first ring, dnr
R(3-3-3-3), dnr.

SS, C(6), rw. R(4+4-4), join to the adjacent ring at the second picot, dnr.

SS, C(6-4), rw. R(3-3+3-3), join to the middle picot of the opposite ring, dnr.

SS, C(4-2), dnr.

SS, R(2+4-3-3), join to the picot of previous chain, dnr.
R(3+4-4-3), join to last picot of previous ring, dnr.
R(3+3-4-2), join to last picot of previous ring., dnr.

SS, C(2+4), join to last picot of previous ring, dnr.

SS, R(3-3-3-3), rw. C(4+6) join to picot of opposite chain, dnr.

Repeat from (*) to complete the motif, replacing the first picot with a join to picot of the adjacent ring.


  1. Jon,

    That's so beautiful!!

    Will you be coming to NNC meet up? I hope to get the book ;-)


  2. that is so pretty another for my to do pile! thanks for the pattern jon!!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! You think that it could be use as a motif for a shawl or something bigger? Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  4. Thank you for sharing this pattern, Jon! It's beautiful!

  5. Muchas gracias!!!! estaba buscando algo asi

  6. very pretty motif, jon. i think it'll be suitable for a table runner.

  7. There are many things that you can do with this one basic block. I particularly like the way the corners come together when joined and turned into the centre of attraction, sort of.

  8. Miss not hearing from you Jon. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  9. It's wonderful, really. Thank you !

  10. I love this but i am missing the middle section where would i find those instructions?

  11. I really love this design Thanks so much for sharing it


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