Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Special List

The Special List
...... by .... Unknown Author

I have a lot of folks I know ... All written in a book,
And every now and then .... I go and take a look.

That is when I realise ....
These names ... they are a part
Not of the book they are written in ...

But taken from the heart.

For each name stand someone ....
Who has crossed my path some time
And in that meeting they have become .....
The reason and the rhyme.

Although it sounds fantastic .... for me to make this claim
I really am composed .... of each remembered name.

Although you're not aware ... Of any special link
Just knowing you has shaped my life ....
More than you could think.

So please don't think my greeting ....
As just a mere routine
Your name was not .... forgotten in between.

For when I send a greeting .... That is addressed to you
It is because you are on the list ....
Of folks I'm indebted to.

So whether I have known you ...... for many days or few,
In some ways you have a part .... in shaping things I do.

I am but a total ..... Of many folks I've met,
You are a friend I would prefer ...
Never to forget.

No other words to be added to the above - it says all that I want to say.


  1. That is a sweet post, I know you are on my "special" list! :)

  2. I feel the same way,Jon. I do consider you a very good friend.Eileene aka noiseynana

  3. I feel the same. I love all my tatting and crazy quilting buddies. I'd love to meet all of you. Eileene aka noiseynana

  4. What a lovely poem - it says it all so well!

  5. Your beautiful tatting, your patterns and diagrams and your incredible blog are all exceptional! I always look forward to your posts. Your blog is filled with fantastic photos and galleries (sort of like looking through a kaleidoscope!), plus interesting stories. Then there are your tutorials! My mind is boggled by all of these things! I'd love to know what software you use for your diagrams. I have found that diagramming patterns is more work than doing the actual tatting! My best wishes are sent to you for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


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