Monday, 29 December 2008

Presents for Meeeee!!

I am enjoying looking at the different interpretations of my Quantiesque snowflake. It is so amazing how one single pattern can give varied results by the different thread used. I must say that this design is becoming my favorite design even though I have only made one piece, LOL.

It would be a shame not to share the all the wonderful work done with this pattern. What I plan to do now is post the photos of the different variation here in my blog. It is sort of like a present back to me from each one of you.

Since I do not yet have the permission to display the actual photo, I will provide links to the respective blogs where they are shown. If your blog is in the list, I would very much like your permission to post your picture of the snowflake. And if I have missed yours, please let me know about it because I really, really want to add it in here.

Here it is again, the original piece in Coral Reef, size 40

A pretty one from Mary McCarthy - the white and red in the centre is pulling me to this.

And some more, in no particular order. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joy - purity in white
Tattycat 1, Tattycat 2, Tattycat 3 - you can't stop with one, can you? LOL
Riet - gold is grand
Heather - your 'sorts of' are looking good too ;-)
Clyde - thank you for adding in the recommendation.
Pamela - scroll down to the end, if you can make through the eye-fest before it, LOL
Steph - the black in the centre is attracting attention

These are what I managed to get by going through the Tatted Ring of Bloggers.


  1. I've been drooling over all of them too!

  2. Well, since I have seen them already I will not run around to each link, only stop and say they are all beautiful! You've made another hit of a pattern, Jon! It seems that everyone really loves your new pattern. :)

  3. Hi Jon, of course you have my permission, I have just this minute posted a photo of yet another one.

  4. You absolutely have my permission to print all three of mine. How could anyone object when you have given us such a delightful pattern?


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