Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Unpick, Unpick, Unpick .... Grrrrrr

I had to do something to calm me down a bit. And why am I unsettled?

I had a lot of unpicking to do, a little over 20 rings. And in size 50 thread, that is not a quick job. Oh .. alright... any unpicking of tatting stitches is not a quick job whatever the number is. That is why, that all famous adage in tatting is very important.

Count Twice, Close Once .... remember that!

Except that in my case, it not about counting and closing. I though I had the right count for the next round of the Knot Garden Doily, the one for the round of edging. But as I made the corner, I noticed that the edging is turning into a slight curve, which I feel will not turn out right even with blocking. I think the ds count for the chain may not be enough.

The perfectionist (some times) in me cannot stand the look of it. I considered just cutting it off. What? Cutting my precious HDT? That is another scary thought. He ... he.... he..... So there is no other way ..... unpick, unpick and unpick!

Like I said earlier, I need calming down and what else to do but tat. I made this lovely flower doily from the book Easy Tatting by Rozella Linden. This is tatted using Olympus 40 in green and multicolour . It measures 4 1/4 inches (12 cm) across, so it can't really be called a doily, I suppose, more like a snowflake. A snowflake garden?

I was so lucky to receive this book from Fox. She wrote in e-tatters that she has an extra copy of the book and is willing to give it to the first person who responded to her offer. And I did! Thank you Fox. On reflection, October was a lucky month for me.

The doily was a quick one, but I still didn't finish the unpicking. So I decided to start on a longer project. This time it is a mat made up motifs joined together. I like joining up motifs for a doily or mat because I am free to decide when I want to stop.

The mat is made with DMC cordonnet size 30 in white. I have not decided how big this going to be. I suppose it'll be as big that one ball of DMC will let me because I only have one ball of size 30. I designed this up myself. If anyone is interested, I may put the pattern up in my Patterns Page

Right! Now back to unpicking..........


  1. Lucky, lucky you to get that book. The snowflake is so pretty. The mat looks intriguing. I'd love the pattern!

  2. You are not alone seems that I have been doing a lot of unpicking lately too! LOL

    Beautiful tatting!

  3. Jon that is a really pretty design. You are right about motif doilies - I love them too - mainly cos you can stop when ou want but also there is usually hardly any bowling problems LOL

  4. I really like your snowflake garden! I've tatted Rozella's doily before in while. It's stunning in two colors!

    I have trouble cutting my HDT too. Unpicking can be frustrating, but I just can't help myself!

    Oh, I would love to see your mat pattern on your patterns page! It's gorgeous!

  5. Okay, give me some time to draw up the chart for the motifs. There are three different motifs altogether that make up the mat. I think it will look great in a mix of coloured threads.

  6. I agree with Diane -- I'd love to have the pattern for your mat. Even the individual motifs would make pretty package decorations!

  7. Sis Jon, I like that flower doily, it's beautiful !..

  8. Beautiful Jon! I can't believe how prolific some of you tatters are, I feel like a tortoise running with a bunch of rabbits!

  9. Oh Jon, I know what you mean! I hate loosing ANY of my HDT! Unpicking and retrotatting is the only answer with that prescious thread.
    Excitedly awaiting my 'snowflake' book order!

    Bev aka Ridgetatter

  10. You're tatting up a storm right now. And what beauties they are.
    Thanks for being so kind to share so many things with the rest of us.


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