Friday, 28 November 2008

Flowers of Lace

This post is a bit overdue but I'll post it anyway because it is for a good cause.

Sometime early this year, Georgia Seitz brought up in the Online Tatting Class a fund-raising project by the Palmetto Tatters. The project is to come out with a book of tatted birthday flowers where the proceeds from the sale will go to the Palmetto Tatters Scholarship Fund. And they are looking for contributions for flower patterns representing each month.

Towards the end of the deadline, I received an e-mail from Georgia asking if I'd consider contributing a pattern since they are still short of patterns. I picked to design a poppy because it is almost flat (I don't think I can do any 3-D flowers yet) and it happens to be the flower for August, the month of my birthday.

I made a few tries before finally submitting the one I was satisfied with to Georgia. I was happy to know that my poppy design was accepted to be in the book. And to think that the hardest part was not so much coming up with the design but trying not to talk about it until the book is launched!

Now that it is out, I am free to blog about it.

This photo above are my first attempts of the poppy. Both are flat flower motifs.

The final one that I submitted is this one on the right. It is still along the same line as the first one, except that I added extra double-stitches in the final round so that it appears like petals that overlap.

Looking at the other flower patterns contained in the book, I have to say that my humble-looking poppy is no where close to the beautiful designs from the other contributors.

If you are interested to have a copy of the book, here is the link to Palmetto Tatters site where you can place an order. Remember, this is for a good cause and you'll not regret adding this to your collection.


  1. Bravo, Jon! That's a pretty poppy. I'm an August baby, too. I'll definitely have to order this one and the Tat Days CD. Congrats!

  2. Beautiful! These would look pretty in so many colors, and the yellow center is exactly the right touch for a flower.

  3. I like the poppy! I ordered the flower book a while ago, I hope it comes soon.

  4. I like your flower design, it is very pretty.

  5. Thank you so very much for sharing your tips and your lovely tatting, you are very generous with your knowledge and it will all help.
    I have been tatting for many years but I can always learn something new
    Joy in OZ (Australia)


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