17 Nov 2008

Clover Mat/Doily/Runner

This mat, doily or runner is made up of three separate motifs joined together. Motif A and Motif B are made up of sets of 3-rings clovers, made with shuttle-and-ball. Motif C is a 4-rings cluster maed with shuttle only.

The chart below gives the stitch count for each motif and how they are joined together.

The diagram below shows the placement of the motifs.

While making this, I find it easier to make a row of Motif A, then Motifs B in between the Motifs A followed by Motif C on the outside.

I have not finished making my mat, which I am doing in white throughout. It would be interesting to see variations of colours for this.


  1. Another fab design ... thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your pattern, Jon! The mat is beautiful!

  3. How beautiful, Jon! I've scheduled a link to this post to go live on my blog tomorrow morning (Central USA time). I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.


  4. Wow.. its amazing.. I will try this. Thanks providing us this free pattern..

  5. Great pattern, Beautiful piece. I am a new tatter, and I am having more luck with needle tatting then shuttle tatting. I want to make a set of placemats and napkin rings for my daughter in-law. I hope I can get this to work with needle tatting if I can't get it to work with the shuttle. Thanks for sharing this pattern to the public.

  6. Oi menina,
    Tudo muito lindo!
    Obrigada por compartilar...

  7. I've been looking for an interesting tablecloth pattern and this is perfect, Jon! Thank you...starting it now wth size 30.


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